Storm Damage in NW Ohio

Heavy Storms and Tornadoes hit Bowling Green, Defiance, Ottawa, and Rossford Ohio.

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Storms in Ohio

Last night hail, high winds, and tornadoes ran through Bowling Green, Perrysburg, Oregon, Findlay, and Ottawa.  How can the storm affect your home?  Other than sending us to our basements for a couple of hours, tornadoes almost always wreak havoc on roofs, siding, and home exteriors.  For example, just high winds alone can lift asphalt shingles and as a result create leaks.  When driving rain, hail, and flying debris are added, these storms can quickly cause damage to an Ohio roof.  That is exactly what we experienced in Putnam, Wood, and Hancock counties last night.

Survey the damage and get your roof repaired.

Be Safe

  1. Do not try to get on your roof if you are uncomfortable on the roof or if it has a steep pitch. Call a professional who has experience and the proper safety equipment to make a thorough inspection.  
  2. Use extra caution after a storm even if you are normally comfortable on your roof.  The surface may still be wet and be covered in debris.  This can easily cause you to lose your footing.

Identify Storm Damage

  1. Some storm damage is obvious, a tree on top of your house is a good indication you should call right away.  Other problems may be less noticeable.

    Storm Repair Ohio

    Lifted Shingle After Storm

  2. Storms and hail can cause:
    • Lifted shingles
    • Missing shingles
    • Damaged flashing
    • Problems with roof skylights and vent pipes
  3. If your roof has debris resting on the surface call to schedule an inspection.

Get Help Navigating your Insurance Claim

  1. The majority of insurance companies in NW Ohio work well with their clients to cover their claims. Adding a contractor who is familiar with insurance claim work will speed up the process of getting your home repaired.
  2. Sometimes it is difficult to get the coverage you are entitled to from the insurance company. That calls for a good, honest roofing and remodeling contractor who can help you work with the insurance claim.

Don’t Wait

    1. During this season in Ohio we can get several severe storms and experience frequent heavy rain. If you wait to get your roof inspected and repaired it may lead to more problems. Don’t wait until your roof is leaking to find a problem. Find problems early and fix them before the damage gets worse.
    2. The sooner you get the insurance claim started the faster we can repair your roof for you.  

Did you know that Roszman Roofing and Remodeling is an experienced professional roofing contractor in the Bowling Green, Defiance, and Wauseon areas that works with insurance companies to expedite your home repairs?

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